Q. When is Apple news not actually news?

Posted at — Aug 8, 2012

A. When you report old “news” as though it just “finally” happened.

Mike Schramm at TUAW posted the following last night:

Apple has finished smoothing out its Xcode releases with version 4.4.1, which finally brings Xcode out as a standalone app.

For some bizarre reason, Mike seems to have completely missed the Xcode 4.3 release that first introduced the concept of a standalone Xcode. (He also missed the 4.3.x point releases as well). Seems like sloppy “reporting” to me.

Unfortunately, as Apple has grown in stature, the number of websites covering Apple news grows at the same time. Venerable Apple news sites like TUAW are competing with upstart sites, and there seems to be a scrambling to report the tiniest little details as news.