Flawed Argument

Matt Asay wrote a generally interesting article on the Motorola Mobility acquisition by Google but this stood out as a strange and flawed argument:

Second, it’s critical to remember who buys Android devices versus iOS devices: kids buy Android (“It’s cheap!”) while adults largely buy iOS (“Pricey, but it makes me cool with the other soccer dads!”). Guess which group will be buying devices long into the future?

Sorry Matt, but you’ve made a big assumption here that “kids” will continue buying the cheap devices even when they can afford to buy the pricey ones. Many people I know who own Android devices fall into one of two categories:

  1. They can’t afford an iOS device right now but would consider jumping ship to iOS if they could afford it.
  2. They dislike Apple and persist in using an unsatisfactory device as though making a stand.

Otherwise, a decent article highlighting the idiocy of the mobile patent arms race, spoiled by a small dose of fanboi-baiting. Dammit. It obviously worked.