The Apple TV Just Got Better! (or Did It?)

The Apple TV just got better!

…unless of course, you’re in the UK1, in which case…

The Apple TV just stayed the same!

With the rollout of iOS 4.3 yesterday US owners of the Apple TV found that not only do they enjoy the availability of NetFlix on their devices but they now also get access to MLB (baseball) and NBA2 (basketball).

It’s great that Apple are actively working to provide extra services for these devices but it would be nice if they would try thinking about territories other than the USA.

To pre-empt the obvious rebuttals to this post:

  • yes - Apple are an American company;
  • yes - the USA is a huge market compared to the UK;
  • yes - licensing agreements are hard enough to negotiate in one country never mind globally;
  • yes - baseball is hardly worth jumping up and down about.3

Maybe something better will be coming soon. Right now though, it feels that the sleek little black box under the TV holds a world of potential that’s just not being realised.

  1. Or just about any nation other than the USA.

  2. Update: it seems that the NBA feature is available internationally, which negates this post somewhat. Of course I forgot to bitch about the lack of TV show rentals in the UK so let’s call it even.

  3. Sorry, but I’m not a huge fan of baseball. I’d happily take an NFL subscription though.