Maybe it’s just the child in me, but I can’t help but feel disappointed that the flash weather warnings issued by the Met Office for a heavy and disruptive snowfall did not materialise overnight. I have nothing to gain by seeing the entire country ravaged and paralysed by Arctic conditions but I’m going to be a little selfish here.

We’d done the hard yards:

  • the heating oil tank was full;
  • the coal bunker was full;
  • the cars were filled with fuel for emergencies;
  • the house was full of food (especially bread and milk);
  • the fridge was full of beer and the cupboard full of crisps;
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops and Rock Band 3 were ready to go.

We were ready for a weekend (or more) trapped in the house.

We’d been warned (though in my mind, I’d been promised) that we would be getting the kind of snow that would stop us from opening the doors to the house.

Last night’s output - an inch of snow.