The Indie Mac Gift Pack

The never-ending river of Mac software bundles continues to flow past me. My1 experience to date has always been the same: these bundles inevitably contain just one piece of software that I actually want or need, and a lot of extra filler that I’ll never use.

But finally a bundle has come along that actually contains more than one application that I’ve been holding out for. That bundle is the Indie Mac Gift Pack.

Not only does it roll off the tongue, but for $60 I was able to pick up Mars Edit and Delicious Library 2 - I was on the verge of buying both for a combined total of $80 so I’m very pleased to make a bit of a saving.

As usual there is still some filler however I may actually get some use out of some of them:

  • Acorn 2 - image editing software - I might finally be able to give up the horror that is The GIMP on OS X.
  • SousChef - a recipe application which draws on a Internet-based repository of recipes.
  • RadioShift - tool for recording Internet radio streams.
  • Sound Studio 4 - audio editor.
  1. Me, my experience, specific to this individual.