"Why I'm Returning My iMac"

I love this article. Personally I think it’s either:

  1. comedy gold - the author has really made an effort to come across as idiotic as possible;
  2. idiotic - the author has got no clue about computers, which makes this comedy gold.

My personal highlight:

“To make the Mac [Thunderbird] program livable, I increased the font to 16 point, then continued writing emails to military sources. That night, at 3:30 a.m., I awoke up with a disturbing realization. On my high-resolution iMac my 16-point lettering may have looked like normal size, but to the officials now receiving my letters, my emails must have looked like they were scribbled in the balloon-type of an eighth grade amateur.”

Genius. Or idiocy. Or genius. Or idiocy. Argh - can’t decide!