Broadband Constipation

A nice man from BT Wholesale called me yesterday to let me know what the deal was with us being able to get their Infinity product.

I’d been asking about when their Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) rollout was going to hit my local cabinet. The cabinet is at the end of the road, and I’d recently seen BT’s contractor (KN Networks) doing some work at it, but the physical cabinet had never arrived.

The good news from the call was that our humble abode is actually on another cabinet which is already FTTC-enabled. A mini-Mexican Wave was performed to the amusement of passers by.

The bad news was still to come - unfortunately the cabinet we’re actually connected to is much further away from the house and so we are over the 2km limit that BT are putting on their Infinity service.

Amazingly this wasn’t as devastating as I thought it would be. I looked around me, and it seemed like the world was still spinning. I suppose there are things in life that change your perspective and some of those have happened in the last year or so.

Still, I would love to get my hands on a faster broadband connection - 5.5Mbps is still a reasonable download speed, but I’m crying out for more upload! 0.4Mbps is just not enough to really live “in the cloud”.